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I Timpakatona sono un giovanissimo gruppo emergente, risultato di uno strano mix di generi musicali composto da reggae-dancehall, musica black e cultura hip-hop. Come riporta la bio, il gruppo nasce ad Avola in occasione di un incontro tra Ras Pepy e Mikilootzu già autori del singolo "Orizzonte" uscito nel settembre del 2013 e del secondo singolo uscito il 29 Marzo 2015 sotto la sigla Timpakatona.

Timpakatona is a project born with the meeting between Ras Pepy (veteran singer since 2000, founding member of Trinakriù) and Mikilootzu, a lover and passionate fan of black music and hip hop culture, active on the scene since 1996 with NCCN crew.

The two artistes decided to start a new musical journey, bringing around the whole Sicily land (and not just there) their vision of the reggae world.

They have a different style and use different techniques creating a really wicked combination.

In September 2013 their first single "Orizzonte" has been voiced on the INNA MI YARD riddim, produced by Jamstone Digital; a videoclip of the song has also been released.

The single had a good impact and Ras Pepy & Mikilootzu performed a lot of showcases around improving their togetherness and refining their style, so they decided to give a unique name to the project: Timpakatona.

If you want to know better Timpakatona and keep updated on their works please visit their Facebook official page.



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